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Time to market is your advantage, helping you get there is ours!

Partnering with you to provide the right resources for prototyping and production! Our toolbox is well represented with multiple methods of manufacturing to give you choices in supplying solutions to your project needs in a timely and professional manner.



What we want to communicate

We understand the customers’ goal is a high-quality outcome based on honest, thorough, and rational evaluation of the customers’ challenges and the solutions we offer. We call such solutions, Prime Solutions, which we provide thru our extensive supplier base that delivers on the value we promise. With multiple manufacturing and prototyping methodologies, we give the customer a choice in sourcing the best solution to provide the outcome they are looking for.

Our sales engagement becomes a guided decision process in which we work together with our customers to Discover, Diagnose, Design, and Deliver the highest-value prototyping and manufacturing solution to their product challenges.



  1. What it is that the customer is challenged with and how we may be a resource for them and to understand what their need is and if we have the right tools to be of service to them both now and in the future.
  2. Who we are, what we do and what we might offer them in terms of a solution.



We seek to understand the customer’s challenges and objectives and whether or not a solution is supported by our company’s offerings. We assist the customer in understanding their situation and, as a result, reinforce our ability to provide what they require for design, prototyping, and production.



This is where we help the customer create and understand the solution. It is a collaborative and highly interactive effort to help the customer sort through their expectations and alternatives to arrive at the optimal solution, to secure the best outcome for the right manufacturing process.



We begin with the preparation and presentation of a formal proposal. Should you accept our solution, next comes the implementation and support providing you the end product that is desired. Our goal, to become the “go to” vendor of choice for you and an extension of your supply chain.

Our goal is to communicate at a level that creates a crystal-clear, mutual understanding of our customers’ challenges and objectives in order to provide them with the best solutions for their parts.


Jeff O’Harra



Jeff began his manufacturing experience back in the early 80’s here in the Silicon Valley, working for Mass Precision Sheet Metal in San Jose as a direct salesman for the company. In 1994’ he took over what is today known as The Prime Resource and has been working in product development and manufacturing ever since, facilitating relationships between OEM’s and manufacturing partners, providing sales and service and “best choice” solutions to his customers that include multiple manufacturing methodologies and prototyping capabilities in metals and plastics.

Industries We Represent

Sheet Metal Fab, Machining and Screw Machine, Stampings, Chem Etching, Thixo-molding of Magnesium, Die Casting, Investment Casting, Permanent Mold Casting and Sand Castings, Aluminum extrusions, Forgings, Gas assist Injection Molding and Insert Molding, Structural Foam, RIM, Thermo Forming, SLA/Rapid Prototyping, Cast Urethane, Medical Contract Mfg, Magnetics, Transformers, Inductors